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SABC 1      TUESDAY 18:30 PM

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Daddy 247 is a formatted television reality show based around the lives of 4 first-time dads between ages 25 and 35 yrs with their toddlers


Daddy 24/7 is a formatted television reality show based around the lives of 4 first-time dads between ages 25 and 35 years and their toddlers aged 3-4. The show is in its 2nd season
In this show, four fathers pack their bags and take their toddler and go to the Daddy 247complex for 30 days. Will they cope in this new world? These fathers are challenged to take care of their toddlers and become primary care givers, where they will have to deal with the trials and tribulations of nurturing a toddler for 30 days 24/7.
Our dads challenge stereotypes – they are on a journey to prove that fathers can take care of their children. They want to change the perception that dads are not only there to provide financially towards the upbringing of their children. They want to stop the “ATM dad’s syndrome” and drive the principles of a “21st century dad” and stand a chance to win prices to the value of R120 000

Daddy 247 Selection Process:
Call to entry was achieved through the following:
-  Television call-out advert and word of mouth
- Social networks
- The Daddy 24/7 website
We were looking fathers who have the following:

•     First time dads; ages 25-35 years
•     Biological father to a 3-5 year old child
•     Have a healthy relationship with the child
•     psychologically and physically fit to be in the show
•     No criminal records
Daddy 247 Competition:
Predict which dad is going to win this week’s episode and stand a chance to win R500 in cash.

 To vote for the overall winning dad, sms “Daddy + Name” to 33121

Daddy 247 Objectives:

Daddy 247 aims to entertain and educate South Africans about fatherhood. The show answers the question, what makes a good father?
Research done in 2009 by the South African Institute of Race Relations indicates that 9 million children are growing up without their fathers. The research indicates that a “typical” child is raised by a mother in a single-parent household.
Most of these children have absent but living fathers. The research data indicates that the proportion of fathers who are absent and living increased between 1996 and 2009 from 42% to 48%.

Daddy 247 will break new grounds and defy stereotypes about a father’s role in the upbringing of their children. We encourage fathers to take up the role of being primary care-givers and be more hands-on.
Daddy 247 will offer a new image of a South African dad and give men a television voice by bringing them to the centre and fore front of parenthood.

Daddy 247 recognizes fathers that are present and are participating in the upbringing of their children. We celebrate South African dads!
Daddy 247 Complex:

Our interesting and dynamic fathers live together with their toddlers at an isolated environment away from their natural homes where they are challenged for 30 days with child rearing tasks.
Daddy 247 complex is equipped with all the latest amenities needed to raise a child. The complex is child friendly and way from the hassle and bustle of city life. 
The kids and dads were entertained with fun filled activities in and around the complex. Dads and kids had a splash time in the pool and fun by the jungle gym. Our dads also took care of their physical well being at the gym nearby while the kids were schooled and had a wonderful time playing at Playz O’ Fun.

View the complex
Daddy 247 Participants:

Daddy 247 dads are young and vibrant. They come from different background all over Mzansi. These dads are aged 25 – 35 years and are first-time fathers. They all want to be fathers to their toddlers aged 3-5 years.

Meet Daddy 247 Participants:

Ayanda and Lwandile
Ndaedzo and Omphulusa 
Bonga and Sinothando
Rodney and Ashley


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